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Javed Barkatullah, PhD, MBA, Founder Barkatech Consulting, LLC

Barkatech Consulting, LLC is a member of EE Consult Oregon, which is the Oregon chapter of the Alliance of IEEE Consultants' Networks (AICN), a nationwide organization of electrical and electronic consultants.

Dr. Javed Barkatullah is the Principal / Founder of Barkatech Consulting, LLC. He is a silicon design industry veteran with over 23 years of diverse research, design and management experience. Dr. Barkatullah is currently engaged as a consultant to Everspin Technologies, Inc. for the design and implementation of a new MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memory) chip using spin-torque technology. His last project involved the research, design and implementation of high performance, power efficient custom ASICs and system for Bitcoin mining application for Cointerra, Inc. of Austin TX. Previously, he had worked on developing 2D to 3D conversion algorithms, software and hardware.

Dr. Barkatullah was a co-founder and CEO of a mobile social network marketing company, Gobenow, Inc. He designed and developed the business model, technology and apps for the mobile marketing platform. Previously, Dr. Barkatullah has served as Principal Engineer/Manager at Nvidia Corporation, member Technical Staff at Stexar Corporation, and Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. He is a visionary technologist, experienced business leader with strong interdisciplinary skills and expertise. He has expertise in research, design, implementation and verification of high performance circuits and in the management of technology projects. He has played leadership role in advanced microprocessors, video processors and graphics processors design projects.He received the Intel Achievement Award in 1996 for outstanding contributions to low power processor design.

Dr. Barkatullah received his Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Iowa, and an MBA degree from Willamette University. He also has a Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise from Willamette University. Dr. Barkatullah has over thirty patents in the field of high-speed circuit designs and has many technical publications in the IEEE journals. He has served as an associate editor of IEEE Journal of Solid State Electronics from June 2004 to October 2005.

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