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Advanced ASIC Design Implementation Management

Are you a start-up hardware design company searching for expertise to implement your custom ASIC chip? Or are you an established company looking to staff up a new design project? Well, you have come to the right place. Barkatech Consulting specializes in managing and implementing custom ASIC design projects, from concept to layout. The Principal/Founder of Barkatech Consulting, Dr. Barkatullah has over 24 years of semiconductor industry in designing cutting edge microprocessors, GPU and SOC chips for large multinational companies as well as small start-ups. We can help you jump start your design project, set up your design  environment and build up your design team Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Select the right circuit and process technology for your design project
  • Design and develop algorithms for your concept
  • Build software and/or hardware prototype of your design for evaluation
  • Convert your concepts and algorithms to RTL code
  • Synthesize your logic design for FPGA and/or custom ASIC implementation
  • Help you with EDA tools and vendor selection
  • Help you select the right design aggregator company and work with them to complete the back-end design and tape-out design to the foundry

IP Due Diligence

Do you need to perform due-diligence evaluation of design IP before you make an investment? Barkatech Consulting can provide you the services for conducting a full technology and design IP due-diligence. Dr. Barkatullah has a diverse and deep experience in the design, implementation and verification of custom designs from concept to tape-out and everything in between.

New Venture Creation

Are you in the process of creating a new venture in the high-tech field? Dr. Barkatullah has a MBA degree and has hands-on experience is setting up start-up technology companies. Barkatech Consulting, LLC  can help you put together product plans, revenue forecast, business plan etc.and prepare investor presentations.

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