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Barkatech Consulting, LLC and VEFXI Corporation Settle Intellectual Property Dispute

Portland, Oregon, August 11, 2015


Barkatech Consulting, LLC, Dr.  Javed Barkatullah, VEFXI Corporation and Craig Peterson, announced today that they have reached an amicable settlement of litigation, including claims and counterclaims, over an intellectual property dispute, the terms of which are confidential.


“We believe this settlement provides a reasonable closure to an intellectual property dispute.” said Dr. Javed Barkatullah, President of Barkatech Consulting, LLC. “This allows us to move forward and focus our attention to innovate and create new technologies and solutions.”

Dr. Javed Barkatullah has a long and proven history of developing innovative solutions for complex problems in the fields of high speed circuits design for integrated circuits, computer systems and software. Since 2010 founding of Barkatech Consuling, LLC, Dr. Barkatullah has been providing technology development and business consulting services as an independent contractor to early stage companies in diverse and cutting-edge fields such as 2D to 3D video conversion, bitcoin mining and blockchain technology. His most recent innovations and developments have been presented at Hot Chips Symposium in 2014 and published in the prestigious IEEE Micro Journal in 2015.

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