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Barkatech Consulting, LLC provides technology development and new business development services. Dr. Javed Barkatullah is the founder and principal of Barkatech Consulting. In this role since 2010, Dr. Barkatullah has provided consulting services to diverse start up companies in software and hardware development fields. Dr. Barkatullah's latest project involved the design and implementation of custom processor for bitcoin mining application on the state of the process technology. Please check out the "Services"page for the range of services we provide. Also, please take a look at the "About Us" page to learn about the experience and skills Dr. Barkatullah brings with him. if you have new technology or business development project and need the best expertise, please contact us.

Dr. Javed  Barkatullah also writes regularly on technology subjects on his blog page. Here is a snippet from his latest blog posted on January 30, 2015:


Pentium Pro - 20th Anniversary of its Making

It was 20 years ago, January of 1995 when Intel showed off its newly minted microprocessor chip, named the Pentium Pro. It was the culmination of over four years of hard work by a “dream team” on super-secret project code named P6. Dr. Javed Barkatullah was part of the "dream team" at Intel  that designed and implemented the game changing microprocessor 20 years from today. Pentium Pro with its new innovative architecture was a game changer. This post is to commemorate the hard work and dedication of a team of engineers who developed this microprocessor.


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